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Rachel, a young Jewish woman who for years has denied the existence of a dybbuk that the rest of her family can see but she cannot, is forced to accept that the malevolent spirit has possessed her little sister in the wake of their mother’s untimely death.

It Clings To Her is a feature-length supernatural horror screenplay written by Ariel Sinelnikoff. The script has garnered 14 accolades, and is currently the #1 Horror project on Coverfly's Red List of 92,000+ scripts. Ariel is attached to the project as both writer and director.

Coverfly Top 1% in Genre/Format  •  Coverfly Red List #1 Horror Feature  •  Coverfly Red List #1 Horror  •  ScreenCraft Horror Competition 2022 (Winner)  • Austin Film Festival (Semifinalist)  •  ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship 2022 (Finalist)  •  Nightmares Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2021 (Finalist)  • Genreblast Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2021 (Finalist)  •  ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship 2021 (Semifinalist)  •  Atlanta Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2021 (Semifinalist)  •  Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Fall 2021 (Semifinalist)  •  Filmmatic Horror Screenplay Awards Season 6 (Semifinalist)  •  ScreenCraft Feature Competition 2021 (Quarterfinalist)  •  The Script Lab Screenplay Competition 2022 (Quarterfinalist)  •  Coverfly Pitch Week Fall 2021 (Shortlist)


When mousey Ramona is invited to her first high school party, she expects the typical teenage antics she’s seen in the movies. After ending up in a pool with a cute boy, however, she discovers a dark part of herself and her lineage that she could never have anticipated.

A Siren's Song is a short coming-of-age fantasy-horror film currently making its debut in the 2022-2023 festival circuit. Story created and directed by Ariel Sinelnikoff.

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